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Quarantine FaceTime Photoshoot | Mothers Day!

Welcome back to my blog, babes!

So, I'm sure you've seen these circulating on Instagram. Today I want to talk to you about FaceTime photo shoots. Yes..FaceTime Photo shoot's. LOL!

A friend of mine Amber, owner of Amber Spence Photography @AMBERSPENCEPHOTOGRAPHY

on Instagram who is a local photographer here in San Diego asked for my son and myself to be a part of one. I was so excited to join her, I wanted to VLOG the process for my YouTube channel but my camera battery wasn't charged lol. Anyways, I think It’s so crazy that this is what the world has come too. Nonetheless, the experience was fun!! It was a great little bonding moment for my JJ, Spiderman, & I. Amber is the nicest, sweetest, most bubbly person so of course, she made the process fun, quick, and easy for everyone! If you need some updated shots of yourself, you & your little one, OR you & bae. With Mother's Day approaching, this is the perfect chance to take advantage of Amber's "Pay what you can" sessions! Below are a couple of tips + photo’s from JJ and I's "Bedroom" session. I hope you babes enjoy!

Xoxo, Kayla.


An area you feel comfortable / confident shooing in

A tripod/stand for your phone  

A well lit room / Natural Lighting


Act natural 

Be organic 

Have fun

P.S. Sending LOVE & Positivity to everyone! Stay safe.


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