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I've always had a huge love for sneakers. Recently, I started adding more to my collection. Mostly comfy “running” shoes or AirMax! I loveeee a Nike AirMax! lol. I had my eyes on the Nike AirMax 97’s for a while now but every time I’d fall in love with a style, my size wasn’t available *shrugs* (I have huge feet lol size 10)

A month or so ago I STUMBLED UPON THESE BAD BOYS!!! The Nike Air Max 97! Featuring the original ripple design that was inspired by Japanese bullet trains, with waves of retro summer colors! This is probably my absolute favorite shoe in my collection now...seriously. The color combination is so unique and pretty with a combination of Football Grey, White, Neptune Green, & Light ThistleI you can create so many cute & fun outfit combinations to match this shoe. Not just this summer, but all year long! FootLocker was having a sale for 20% off of their site so I got them for $130. They now retail for $170 on Footlocker.com

*First Impression*

The fit was nice. I have long narrow feet lol so the fact they're low cut made them easier to put on. On a scale from 1-10 I'd give them a solid 7 for comfiness. If you're looking for an Airmax with comfort & undeniably cute style I suggest the Nike Airmax Plus! I literally wear mines at least once a week lol.

Would you rock them?

Thanks for tapping in with ya girl! Until next time, Sending lot's of loveeee! xoxo

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