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MASTER the skills to enhance your daily makeup routine by learning how to create Kayla's signature eye look! 

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience & virtually connect with everyday women just like yourself. 


Are you ready? 


Est. Feb 29, 2020 Makeup & Mimosas was created for everyday women like yourself, who want to learn & grasp the concept of basic makeup application. Due to high demand, our next workshop's focus will be on eyeshadow blending / technique. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! 

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I recently attended a make-up class given by make-up artist FacebyKayla. I was a little nervous because I am one of the "mature" over 60 crowd. That all dissipated as soon as I walked into the studio. It was beautifully decorated with delicious snacks and ice cold mimosas! It was a small, intimate group (6) and the excitement was palpable. We were each given a "Goody bag" with all sorts of make-up, brushes, powders, ect. Kayla taught me about skin care, how to choose the right foundation color, color correction, how to cover my dark under eye area, eyebrow application techniques and eyelash application. I left the class feeling confident and have used the skills Kayla taught me because she was so patient and thorough. I would truly recommend anyone, especially us "mature" women that would like to learn how to apply everyday make-up, or to get glamorous with it, or want to treat yourself to that fabulous make over you know you deserve, to go and see Ms. Kayla at FacebyKayla!

You'll love your look!



I enjoyed Kayla’s Makeup and Mimosas Workshop a lot! I loved the dynamic. It was a very hands on setting and there was no judgement based on your skill level. I definitely left knowing more about the basics of makeup application and feel comfortable applying what I learned.


I’ve never been much of an eyeshadow kinda girl but with Kayla’s tips I’m no longer afraid to dive into different colors. I’ve also been having fun trying out the makeup products from the goodie bags I received.


I can’t wait for the next workshop!



I had the pleasure of joining Kayla’s make up and mimosas class! I was nervous at first because I’m pretty much a self taught beginner and thought I was spending a lot of money to potentially not learn anything. BOY WAS I WRONG.


The entire event was perfect, professional, and exceeded all expectations. Kayla is so talented and truly loves what she does. She took  her time to answer any individual questions and show me exactly what I needed to see and know. 10/10 recommend! The entire event was fun, hands on, and extremely informative. We even got goody bags with awesome products. Take the class!! You won’t regret it 😘



I decided I wanted to start attending makeup events because, well, I love makeup lol. I was scrolling on one day and came across Kayla’s “Makeup & Mimosas”. I am so glad I attended this class! Although she didn’t know me, I felt so welcomed by her and her team when I arrived.

The set up was BEAUTIFUL and intimate!! From the table where I was met with my name display, materials to take notes, the GIFT BAG full of makeup product (!!!!!),  to the snacks with the Mimosa setup, the photo booth; everything was PERFECT and ELEGANT. Kayla was very hands on with her makeup techniques, she was super informative about the products she used on her model and the products she recommended. It was so easy to follow along doing my makeup and I picked up so many new techniques. This by far was the best experience I’ve had at a makeup event.”

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Talk to you soon, Beautiful!

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