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NEW Kit Makeup, who dis?

HAPPY FRIDAY BABES! I’ve recently been trying out + stocking up on new items for my makeup kit! I’m always on the hunt for new stuff & when One of my absolute favorite makeup artists Amanda @amandizzllee says something is bomb, I buy it with no hesitation. So, let's just say these purchases were long overdue. 

I purchased a few shades of the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation + their Natural Radiant Creamy Concealer. Both best sellers on their site. I always recommend new mua's to purchase the darkest, lightest, & a few shades in between. I personally LOVEEEE mixing and matching my foundations to get the perfect match. I have a very diverse clientele so, mixing products saves me money — I don’t always have hundreds of dollars to purchase the entire line of any brand product(s). Both the foundation & concealer are my new holy grails!!

Super bomb formulas & work beautifully on any skin tone/type plus they have an amazing shade range! Go off then NARS! lol. I have a pro discount with NARS so I got these babies for 40% off retail price!! (Concealer - $30; Foundation - $49.00)

Next, I purchased the Dose of Colors “Meet Your Hue” foundation. 

Okaaay, I went to the launch party for this foundation. So, I really don't know why it took me so long to purchase it lol. I also stopped by their booth at Beautycon 2019 & still for some reason was skeptical about purchasing it. I'm so weird when it comes to foundations. When I find something that works well for my clients, I stick to it. It's the Scorpio in me lol. Well, I'm super happy @amandizzle shared her thoughts on this formula because after hearing her review, I was excited to stock up on these babies during their 20% off sale! This foundation is overall FIRE! It leaves such a natural & beautiful satin finish on the skin & works well with any skin type. It’s buildable and very lightweight on the skin! Let's not forget to mention Anna, YOU WENT OFF on the shade range girl!! Highly recommend.  (Foundation $36.00)

Next, My girl Amanda raves over this beautiful Dior backstage glow face palette & now that I've used it on my clients I see EXACTLY why! I picked this up from Sephora for $45.00 When I say this palette gives you the glow from within🤩 I also really appreciate the deeper shades. It's hard to find a bomb highlighter sometimes besides my MAC gold deposit & cover FX drops that look amazing on my deep skin clients!

Comment below if you have any additional recommendations. (Palette $45.00)

I love a good highlighter :)

The Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer is TOP 5 for me! The formula is so lightweight yet very hydrating and refreshing. I love applying this morning and evening after I wash & tone my face. I usually purchase the 1.7 oz at Ulta for $39. However, I found this at Ross on sale for $20!!! I bought 3 lol.

The Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer is THE SHIT!! It works well on any skin type and really reduces the appearance of larger pores, all while giving you a nice layer of protection for your makeup to last all day long! ($30 at Sephora)

Highly recommend! 

The Patrick Ta Body Oil is honestly one of my favorite products that I own! I purchased this & his brow lamination wax (not pictured) and babyyyy let me tell you! This oil is sooo lightweight, NOT STICKY, glowy, and just freaking beautiful! I originally tried out the sample size of a darker shade and fell in love. The smell is lovely & Did I mention it’s not sticky? Lol. My clients always ask me “OOOo what’s that?! It smells good!” (It's $52 at Sephora & on his site)

Worth every penny! HIGHLY recommend this product!

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